Final Reflection

In the class of Web Design, throughout the semester we focused to weave in emotional and responsive design techniques into our initial design and eventually into the final website. I do believe that my site possesses both emotional and responsive design. The first real exposure to design this semester was with our design persona.

Creating the design persona was not only extremely helpful, but allowed my to lay out my personal design style. I made sure after to go back to it as I built my resume and my site. The primary way my site connects to emotional design is through the strict color scheme I put together. Though my site displays some different colors from my original design persona, I believe as I built my site, my vision became more developed. For so many people color is emotion and I made it a priority to focus on my color scheme in order to connect with viewers of my site. In reference to the ‘Brand Traits’ portion of my design persona I wanted my overall layout to correlate to my own personality: “ vintage but not old, natural but not bare, original but open minded, creative, but not unorganized, and impactful but not complicated.” I was more so lacking with responsive design compared to emotional design. If i had more time in the semester (will be adding in the future), I would have liked to add some other aspects to my site. I would like to implement a photography page and I want to add a personal blog tab.

As I first began sketching the layout of my site, I struggled. I struggled to put my vision on a piece of grid paper. I am more of a visual person through words and photos, so I put a lot of time towards my mood boards. As my mood boards came a long, so did my vision, making it easier to sketch out my site. Honestly the overall layout of the individual pages changed as my site progressed. My initial vision, was not the vertical flowing page that it is now. Though it changed, I like the route I went much better. Not only is is more free flowing, but it is more compatible with my brand traits. I will definitely continue to grow my personal website because I do think it has a strong foundation and as my skills grow I can perfect my vision.

My progress from the first round of the resume to designing and coding my website is extremely substantial. Coming into the class itself I was extremely intimidated and truly doubted my abilities. Between learning in class and working with others, step by step I began to get the hang of things a little bit more. If being completely honest, I still have doubts about my coding capabilities even on the basics but that is all about learning the new language that is coding. As a whole though, I have such a wider range of knowledge about CSS and HTML since the beginning of the first assignment- the resume.

If I am being totally honest with myself, I don’t know really where I expected myself to be at the end of the semester since coding was completely foreign to me before starting Web Design. In terms of my comfort level with coding, I still have a long way to go, but I am confident in what I do know, and for that I am proud. If I had more time I think I would want to improve on truly understand certain codes. Not just when to put them, but why. I think the only way to learn why is with more practice and experience. Like most everything in education, there is always more to learn and ways to improve! I really have enjoyed designing and putting together my own website, though it has been tedious and stressful!

My primary success in terms of my website like the color scheme, ability to code in photos, ability to add video from Youtube, and just overall design aesthetic. Being able to put my personal style and visions into something has been so fulfilling and enjoyable. I never thought I would have the opportunity to do so in this way and it’s been very neat to see it all pan out. The page I am most proud of is my portfolio page. Not only does it show some of my videography work, but it is a layout for my design and styling. More specifically I am really proud of my success in creating a personal logo, especially since I did not get the get the traditional digital aesthetic course that most others had prior. To me, simplicity is key for almost everything in life. I believe my personal logo will be able to fit into almost anything I wish to pursue in life, if not it was a really good start as a vision.I may not be the strongest coder out there, but I am still proud of all that I have accomplished this semester. I am looking forward to growing this page as I continue my work as a communications major and advertising and promotions minor. I can honestly say I am eager to widen my knowledge in the world of coding now that I have down the foundation. I do believe it is an up and coming skill to have now with all of the technology out there. It is a goal of mine to become as fluent as possible so I can match my vision and build a site of my own that captures my true essence.